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Herbs That Aid Allergies

Herbs That Aid Allergies

With the change in weather we all tend to react differently to the beautiful blooming plants of each season. For most of us the struggle is REAL in the Fall and Spring. When you have allergies your body can't distinguish the difference between harmless substances and something like a virus. This results in an exhausted and overactive immune system. The itchy, scratchy, runny nose is enough to make any one want to give up and hibernate.

Routine massage is great to help keep those muscles loosen up after coughing and sneezing. Many of my patients either cough a rib out place or simply sneeze and cough so much that the muscles in their neck tighten and cause sinus headaches amoung other issues. So what can you do other than get a massage?

Personally, I stepped away from the over the counter drugs and decided to fight nature with nature. This has been the first year from Spring to Fall that I haven't fell victim to seasonal allergies and I'M LOVING IT!!!!! 

The First step is to make a shelter. Outside is a war zone. Your indoor areas should be places of refuge.

  • Keep air filters as clean as possible
  • Wash your walls & windows sills
  • Keep your floors and carpet clean

 I get my carpets steam-cleaned regularly and I keep my home as dust free as possible. If you create a routine this type of cleaning doesn't take long. Another alternative is to hire a cleaning service. Paying someone to come in isn't as expensive as one might think. Sites like and have a great list of professionals that have been pre-screened. Groupon also has specials on cleaning services every now and again. 

Secondly, keep your self clean. This is a little redundant for some but washing your hair routinely, showering and changing your clothes as soon as you come home to reduce the allergens spreading throughout your home is vital. I like to change into a comfy robe as soon as I get home. This prevents me from tracking allergens all over the house. 

  • Dabbing vaseline under your nose is a great trick. It traps the spores before they work their way into your nasal passages.
  • Saline sprays are a life saver. They help keep your nasal passages moist and reduces mucus & irritation.
  • Flushing yours eyes with warm or cold water can help reduce red, itchy, swollen eyes.

My Favorite Herb to use is NETTLE. Nettle (also know as stinging nettle) is an herb that contains a natural anti-histamine. The famous Andrew Weil, Mr. Naturopath himself, takes Nettle for his allergies. 500 milligrams 3 times a day usually does the trick. 


  • Three other herbs that you might want to try are:
    • Ginkgo Biloba (60-240 mg/day) It's not just for your memory. This herb contains substances called ginkgolides, which can stop chemicals in the body that trigger allergic reactions.
    • Quercetin (500 mg/day) This herb is actually derived from the pigment that you see in purple grapes and in green tea. DO NOT TAKE WITH THE NETTLE!!!!!!! If you want the benefits of both the Nettle and Quercetin it would be beneficial to eat foods rich in Quercetin or find a supplement that combines both herbs in a safe dosage. 
    • Omega-3 fatty acids (3,000 mg/day) This herb is great at fighting the inflammation. Of course you can get plenty of this from your fishy friends Salmon and Mackerel. If you don't like fish try Flaxseed oil.

********These dosages are suggestions of how much the average person should take. I am NOT a doctor!! If you have medical issues always consult your doctor before trying a supplemental herb. I repeat I am NOT a doctor. These are my suggestions based on research I have done on my own. ************


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